Friday, May 9, 2014

Pathless Land Looking For Bassist, Drummer And Keyboardist!

Pathless Land has parted ways with bassist Fartlord. We are looking for a new bass player. We are also looking for a drummer and keyboardist. Prequisites: Must have own transportation and equipment (a lot of drummers responding to ads we're putting up with only a bike to get around and no drum set just to give an example). Must not have any overbearing chemical dependencies (or any addictions that get in the way of practice or playing - people CAN be functional while on substances, and we're certainly not straight edger punkers or something, but you get the picture). (For drummer): Must be able to play double bass, have own equipment (obviously see # 1) and be willing to play both straightforward and more technical music on various songs. (We're not sanctimonious prog snobs, nor repetitive power metal simpleton cretins either, we're BOTH! ;) ) Also: Willing to practice once or twice a week. Be able to communicate in an open and honest manner. Be open to helping write kick ass, technical and intense melodic metal! Be willing to HAVE FUN doing so!

Pathless Land Launches Blog (+ short band history)

We are Pathless Land. We are a Progressive Power Metal band (with a lot of other influences) from Madison Wisconsin. The band was formed, for all intents and purposes, in March/April 2010. This is when I put up the myspace account and eventually some song demos. I had quit Tempest Eternal in April 2010 (after a show on April 24th at the Glass Nickel) because of differences with the band members regarding songwriting, etc. I wanted to still have a prominent role in the songwriting after we got some new members and we were not in agreement with this direction. I had also wanted to do some songs that had not been accepted by previous incarnations as well. I also wanted to prove to myself I could do it all on my own, after which I did, with varying results. I decided to make it a full band, by this time I was open to trying to collaborate with others in a band situation, especially considering the more adventurous directions I wanted to take the music. The first member aboard was (now former) member bass player, Fartlord. We then got new guitarist Chris Wright in the fold who remains in the band. We are looking for a new bass player, keyboardist and drummer. The direction the music has taken is a more progressive one, but still retaining a lot of the traditional and melodic character that permeates the classic metal bands, though I would not be surprised if new songs included some jazz/death metal hybirds that I liked to help write back in the day. - Mattowarrior